At Badminton Masters, we accept “Active Kids Voucher” from service NSW for Badminton Coaching. 

What is Active Kids Voucher: 

Active kids voucher program is service NSW initiative to help families to meet cost of getting their kids into sports, active fitness and recreational activities. 

How do I apply for a voucher and what information is required?

You can apply for an Active Kids voucher through the MyService NSW Account. You can apply for a voucher for each child. Each voucher can only be used for the child that is displayed on the voucher, and vouchers cannot be combined. Each child is entitled to claim two vouchers per calendar year.

Each child must be school-enrolled, home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW or equivalent at the time of application.

How will I receive the Active Kids voucher?

If your application is approved, a voucher will be displayed at the end of the transaction and emailed to the nominated email address for your MyService NSW Account. The voucher displays the student/child’s name, voucher number, expiry date and value of up to $100.

How do I register for Badminton Coaching using active kids voucher at Badminton Masters?

If you want to use your “active kids voucher” at Badminton Masters- send us an email to